About Our Programs

The Pi-oneer is an innovative teaching tool consisting of a Raspberry Pi computer with RACHEL offline educational content that includes Khan Academy videos, as well as a mobile projector and a solar recharging unit. Teachers can take the Pi-oneer into their classrooms and display educational videos and other visual teaching materials to students. Twenty schools in Tanzania have a Pi-oneer.

Computer Lab-Phase 1

Potential Enhancement Foundation (PEF) works with the local district education officer to choose the schools. Each school provide a secure room with tables and chairs. We install a 170-watt solar energy system and a small computer network with RACHEL offline educational content. We use Raspberry Pi computers which are low wattage and run on DC electricity. We also provide Internet access equipment and use Open Source software.

Our offline educational content, RACHEL (Remote Access Community Hotspots for Education and Learning), is produced by worldpossible It includes selected Wikipedia articles, Khan Academy math and science educational videos, medical reference books, ebooks of world literature from Project Gutenberg and other materials.

Computer Lab-Phase 2

The purpose of this phase is to enable the school to offer the national curriculum of Information and Computer Studies courses. This phase commences after the district provides a government-qualified computer teacher to the school. We then expands the solar energy system and installs 15 more computers, for a total of 20 computers. The school arranges for the additional tables and chairs.

Computer Equipment

Powering Potential uses the Raspberry Pi computer and a low-power monitor. Together the computer and monitor consume less than 10 watts and run on DC electricity. On the local server, we install Open Source software and RACHEL educational content including Khan Academy videos. We also provide a wireless router and modem for Internet access but use of the educational content is not dependent on the Internet.

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