Computer Lab Phase 2 (SPARC+)

The purpose of this phase is to enable the school to offer the national curriculum of Information and Computer Studies courses. This phase commences after the district provides a government-qualified computer teacher to the school. We then expands the solar energy system and installs 15 more computers, for a total of 20 computers. The school arranges for the additional tables and chairs

Schools in Tanzania Mainland with SPARC+ Programs include:

Banjika in Karatu, Arusha

Welwel in Karatu, Arusha

Florian in Karatu, Arusha

Endallah in Karatu, Arusha

Baray in Karatu, Arusha

Nainokanoka in Ngorongoro, Arusha

Sazira in Bunda, Mara