Eng. Albin Mathias

Albin was born and grew up in Arusha in the north of Tanzania. He went to Tanga Technical Secondary School in 2002 and then to Old Moshi High School in 2006. After graduation he worked as physics and chemistry teacher at Banjika Secondary School where he was able to get more practice working with computers, and he conducted Technology Tent training events at Banjika, Noonkodin and Oltoroto schools, introducing computer to secondary and high school students. In 2014 he graduated from St. Joseph University in Tanzania with a degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems and Network Engineering. He has served as Powering Potential’s Country Director for 6 years. He is now an Executive Director and General Secretary of the Council

Team Information

 Executive Director and General Secretary of the Council
 Age number: 38
 Phone: +255766430044
 Email: albinmathias@pef.or.tz