Computer Lab Phase 2 (SPARC+)

The purpose of this phase is to enable the school to offer the national curriculum of Information and Computer Studies courses. This phase commences after the district provides a government-qualified computer teacher to the school. We then expands the solar energy system and installs 15 more computers, for a total of 20 computers. The school arranges for the additional tables and chairs

Schools in Tanzania Mainland with SPARC+ Programs include:

Banjika in Karatu, Arusha

Welwel in Karatu, Arusha

Florian in Karatu, Arusha

Endallah in Karatu, Arusha

Baray in Karatu, Arusha

Nainokanoka in Ngorongoro, Arusha

Sazira in Bunda, Mara

Mekomariro in Bunda , Mara

Kabasa in Bunda, Mara