About Potential Enhancement Foundation (PEF)

Potential Enhancement Foundation (PEF) in partnership with Powering Potential Inc (PPI) designs and implements two Educating-Through-Technology programs in Schools across Tanzania


The Problem

Lack of electricity. Lack of textbooks. Lack of teachers. Lack of opportunities. In Tanzania, almost half of the population is under the age of 15 and the majority of this group live in rural areas with extremely limited educational opportunities. Many schools operate with barebones funding, staffed by underpaid teachers with access to few textbooks. There are few alternative learning solutions for “self study” that provide the quality educational content necessary for students to do well in their national exams and beyond.

The Solution

Powering Potential has designed an innovative, practical, affordable solution that effectively addresses a multitude of problems: lack of electricity, no computers, outdated educational materials, few teachers and harsh climates.

We use solar powered, energy efficient Raspberry Pi computers which are suitable for the local climate, open source (free) software, offline digital educational materials including subject-based textbooks, and provide technology training.